Friday, September 10, 2010


...I've finally gotten around to creating a blog. Yay me.

I'm not usually big on this kind of self-indulgence. I've never in my life kept any kind of diary or journal. I don't consider my thoughts and feelings all that important, I suppose.

So, what you won't see here is any kind of ranting, raving or pouring my heart out all over the interwebs. I'm a bit too old to be Emo, and I fully realize that most people are just too busy nowadays to give that much of a damn.

If you are interested, what you will see here is my work, my opinions on various forms of art (books, movies, games, music, etc.) and any random, "slice o' life" bullshit that I happen to find amusing at that particular moment in time.

If you do care to stick around and read any of the stuff I post, I'll gladly welcome your thoughts, opinions, comments and/or critiques.

- Jerry

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